Basic StepI3DL ™ Certification – Basic Modules includes basic courses on "Introduction to 3D printing" and "Operating and maintenance of 3D Printers". These courses are the perquisites of all higher level Modules and required in all further Certification levels.

Small Classroom

"M1: Introduction to 3D printing" is the first Module of I3DL™ Certification Level - Basic and also the perquisites of all other Modules. It includes the following courses:

  • Overview, process, application examples and trends in 3D Printing
  • Tools for creating a 3D model: free, open source and commercial software, internet sources
  • The process from the design to the ready-to-print file and the tools
  • State of the art: Additive manufacturing process and rapid prototyping technologies
  • Comparison of 3D Printers in market, requirements, advantages, price-performance comparison
  • Hype, reality and market opportunities
  • 3D printing practice

Operator working with 3D Printer

Duration: 20 Hours (Equivalent of 1 ECTS); 8 Learning Units (Lecture, Seminar) + 12 Units (Exercise, Homework and Project)

  • Technical safety instructions
  • CAD model preparation and slicing technique
  • Installation and operation of the software
  • Printing a small object
  • Calibration, troubleshooting and maintenance of the 3D Printers
  • 3D printing practice

BLC: I3DL-Basic Level Compact  is a Basic Level Compact Course prepared for specific target groups and vocational education, and includes selected topics from Basic Modules M1, M2, and further selected topics from other Modules.

The course aims to provides young people with applied training.  The activities focus on vocational education and continuous training for workers as well as educational and occupational schemes for unemployed persons and workers threatened with unemployment.

The Learning